Add Superpower to Your ERP

Macro and Micro View of your Organisation

Snap View

Complete Visibility and Drill Down for Products, Customers, Territories and Sales Person

Stock Movement Analysis

Item View

Fast moving and Slow moving stock with sales and carrying cost details across Category, Warehouse, Branches etc.

Bird’s eye View of sales performance

Map View

Interactive Maps covering all pin codes of your customers and products with the trend of Active, Inactive and Lost Customers.

& so much more

But Not

Filter list of customers who have purchased X item but not Y item. For Eg. Nuts but not Bolts, Printer but not Cartidges.

Payment View

Helping you keep track of all outstanding details with auto-reminder and scheduler. Product-wise outstanding along with payment due today can be seen at a click.

GP View

You can drill down to see details of all level of profitability along with Net Landing Cost (NLC) Management module.

DNA : Happily Dissatisfied

We spend most of our waking hours at our workplace. So, happiness at Work is essential to happiness in Life. But happiness alone is not enough. If happiness is responsible for our productivity, dissatisfaction is responsible for our progress.

Any advancement ever made in technology or other fields has come from the idea of improvement. And improvement is inherent to the state of dissatisfaction with status quo.

Hence the idea is to be happy with what we’ve got but never be satisfied with it. Let this message push us to continuously make progress regardless of our current achievements! Without happiness there is no life. Without dissatisfaction there is no growth. Be Happily Dissatisfied.

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What Our Client’s Say About Us

We have been in this industry for more than 25 years but have never come across such an easy business analytics tool. In simple words, Magenta makes work way much more easier and faster, which previously we would need a lot of time to complete or even understand the problem. It has been the most reliable analytics tool for us to ensure we are on the right path.

Samkit Shah

Aegis Infoware Pvt Ltd

With Magenta we were able to get actionable insights for Sales, Inventory and Payment Collection.

Kaka Plastic